We have the experience and background to create your vision, that will ensure your product stands out among the rest. Bottle closures serve as sealing safety solutions and create a unique style to your package.
We employ advanced ideas and next generation technologies in material process and decorating through R&D, to explore brand image and achieve brand protection level.
Over 50 different types of closing solutions made of composite and natural materials to enhance visibility on the shelf. We offer various closure options with well-established screw and T-tops classic closures to premium and custom designs.
Closure 4
Aluminium plastic closure
Alcopack Type 3
Closure 13
Sealing solutions
for cognak and brandy
Closure 17
Swing stopper
Alcopack Type 19
Closure 19
Peal and reseal closure
Closure 20
Exclusive products
Closure 21
Aluminum Pilfer
Proof caps
Closure 22
bar top
Closure 23
Natural wood
bar top
Closure 24
Polymer bar top
with aluminum capsule
Closure 25
Polymer bar top
with plastic disc
Closure 26
Plastic cap
with built-in pourer


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